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Canine Concierge Corporation is a community-based nonprofit charitable organization whose fundraising achievements will be directed toward hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, senior citizens centers, and police stations, allowing them to reserve time with our medically trained and certified animal-assisted therapy (AAT) dogs and their handlers, free of charge.


Our therapy dogs will provide a wide range of benefits, including lowering the risk and aiding recovery from heart attacks, strokes, and seizures; reducing stress, anxiety, and fear; lowering the risk of other ailments and diseases; creating calmness and lowering blood pressure; encouraging interaction and giving companionship; aiding recovery from those who have PTSD or other trauma; providing a respite from isolation or loneliness; offering comfort and reassurance; helping individuals recover from the loss of a loved one; and creating a sense of well-being and love.

10 Best Therapy Dogs

Happy entrepreneur embracing her therapy dog and having fun in the office.
Elderly Woman in her bedroom does needlepoint with a younger woman and a dog in the room. Vertical shot.
Sweet Loving Therapy Dog Visiting Young Happy Male Patient In Hospital
Canine Concierge will have two (2) AKC Golden Retrievers in AAT service.


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Revolutionize the animal-assisted therapy (AAT) industry with Canine Concierge – strategically situated in the bustling heart of Herndon, VA, adjacent to Reston. Our prime location off Interstate 95 provides seamless accessibility to hospitals, nursing homes, and surrounding facilities. In addition to our contemporary virtual office in the REGUS building, we’ve secured a dog-friendly hotel suite, which we are retrofitting into a state-of-the-art facility to cater to our furry working dogs and the Director. Alexa-controlled devices are all over for phone calls, lighting, music, Googling, even playing dog sitter videos in their wireframe crates! A wireless flatscreen for casting presentations from laptops or mobiles — and, of course, AI Chat GPT. We have housekeeping every other day, a HEPA air purifier and a smart robotic vacuum. Witness our cutting-edge operations and educational presentations in action – because Canine Concierge is in the new ‘garage’ for animal-assisted therapy (AAT) innovation!