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A nonprofit Board of Directors is a group of individuals who are elected to govern and oversee the organization’s operations. The Board is responsible for setting the organization’s mission, strategy, and goals, and ensuring that the organization operates in compliance with legal and ethical standards.

Nonprofit directors (Board members) are unpaid volunteer legislators who have one vote each and set the policies and the programs of the organization. Board members cannot be paid and compensated for their Board duties and collectively have all the powers of the organization.


The advisory model is the most traditional model of governance. At the top, the CEO turns to the Board for help in making decisions for the organization. Members of this type of Board are typically leaders in their industry who offer advice at no cost to the organization. As they are well-respected in their fields, their participation gains the organization credibility, notoriety, and reach. The Treasurer and Secretary roles are supervisory.


The patron model is similar to the advisory model, but the members of this Board exist solely for fundraising and financial support. They have less sway over the organization’s leadership decisions, and they tap into their own wealth and the wealth of those in their networks. 

See Also: Treasurer & Secretary Board of Director Roles

Desired Qualities and Skills

The Board of Directors is an essential part of our nonprofit organization, responsible for guiding our mission and ensuring its success. We are seeking highly qualified individuals who possess the following qualities and skills, crucial for our Board’s effectiveness and impact:

  • Passion: Our Board members must be deeply committed to our cause. They will serve voluntarily, dedicating their time and expertise because they genuinely believe in the work we do.
  • Industry Expertise: To ensure comprehensive oversight and support, we seek candidates with diverse backgrounds in finance, HR, communication, and other relevant fields. By assembling a Board with a wide range of expertise, we are equipped with the necessary knowledge to address all aspects of our organization.
  • Diversity: We recognize that diversity goes beyond race, ethnicity, sexual identity, and class. We value individuals who bring unique experiences and backgrounds, enabling us to approach challenges from different perspectives. A multi-industry representation on the Board further encourages a broader exchange of ideas and innovation.
  • Flexibility: The Board must be prepared for unexpected crises. We require individuals who can adapt quickly and make themselves available when urgent situations arise. While respecting their personal commitments, Board members should exhibit a willingness to prioritize the organization’s needs.
  • Project Management: Effective leadership often entails possessing project management skills. Although the Board’s role is governing rather than managing, these skills facilitate efficient delegation and oversight of tasks, ensuring optimal performance of our organization.
  • Fundraising: While it is desirable for every Board member to possess a general understanding of nonprofit fundraising, we acknowledge that this may not be the case for all candidates. However, they should demonstrate a teachable mindset, willing to learn about and contribute to our fundraising efforts post-recruitment.

By attracting Board members embodying these qualities and skills, we will form a cohesive and empowered team, capable of driving our organization forward. Their combined expertise and dedication will enable us to fulfill our mission and execute our strategic vision. Together, we will make a profound and sustainable impact on the Fairfax, Virginia community.


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