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Woo-Hoo, SUMMER !

June has danced into our calendars with a flourish of sunshine and a symphony of birdsong, heralding a season of renewal and boundless possibilities! As we bask in the longer days and indulge in the sweet scent of blooming flowers, let's ignite our spirits with fresh ideas, daring dreams, and a hearty dose of enthusiasm. Join us on this joyous journey through June, where every day promises new adventures and delightful surprises!

Facebook Threatens To Delete Us

We wanted to inform you of an important issue concerning our presence on Facebook. Recently, Facebook notified us that our business page, Canine Concierge Corporation, is at risk of being permanently deleted. This action is based on alleged violations of intellectual property rights, specifically concerning our use of AI-generated imagery and other paid visual content.
Facebook claims these materials may infringe copyright and trademark laws and, as such, violate its Terms of Service. We are assessing the situation and will appeal against this decision to clarify our position and resolve the misunderstanding.
We are committed to ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and platform policies. We may face temporary disruptions to our Facebook-based services as we navigate this process. We appreciate your understanding and support and will update you on any significant developments.
For any inquiries or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly.

Best regards,
Michael Stokes, Director
Canine Concierge Corporation

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Why Dogs Can Be So Healing for Kids

A new study suggests that spending time with therapy dogs may help lower children’s stress levels even more than relaxation exercises.


"The 8 very best dog harnesses of 2024, per experts and testing on our pups"

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501c(3) Tax Exempt Status

We want to provide you with an update regarding the status of our 501(c)(3) application, which is essential for our continued operations and your generous support.

March 8, 2023: We initiated our application through LegalZoom.
September 30, 2023: The application was formally submitted to the IRS by LegalZoom.
February 29, 2024: Upon inquiry, the IRS informed us that our application was under secondary review, with a decision expected by April 15.
March 22, 2024: The IRS called and acknowledged delays due to staff training and promised a resolution within two weeks.
May 15, 2024: We received an IRS Information Request, to amend or cancel our existing 501c(3) application before June 3.
May 20, 2024: We received an IRS voicemail to ascertain the status of their Information Request.
May 21, 2024: The IRS was called and informed the information requested was sent via USPS on Saturday, May 18.

We are actively following up and will ensure to keep you informed of any progress or resolutions. We appreciate your patience and continued support during this process.

Thank you for standing with us.

Best regards,
Michael Stokes, Director
Canine Concierge Corporation

Stella & DaVinci's High-Tech Decor

Of course, they have Alexa!

After a hard day's work, they can kick back with a YouTube dog sitter video, or summon the director with a bark. Yes, they can A/V communicate, via his mobile! They will be able to see and hear each other.

The pups will spend the majority of their time, the first two months, in their homes. So we made sure they are quite comfy, with thick beds, blankies, lots of chew toys, and entertainment. They will soon learn this space is their "safe" zone.

Once they acclimate to their outdoor potty regimen, they will be provided more time bouncing around freely indoors.

Alexa is Now AI!

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